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Certified Master Electrical Code Professional®

NOTICE- Password Protected Areas only available to CMECP® Professionals
Who is a CMECP®


The process of becoming a CMECP® is long, stressful and rigorous. Only those Master Electricians who aspire to take their GAME to the next level will successfully complete the CMECP® program.


The CMECP® is someone who is already a Master Electrician who has completed the tough journey through the licensing process in their given state. The CMECP® program builds on that knowledge by making Good Master Electricians into Great Master Electricians by raising their level of knowledge of the electrical codes. The CMECP® raises that bar to the next level of electrical code knowledge above and beyond the typical Master Electrician. They are continually learning.......

CMECP® Benefits To You

The founders of the CMECP® program have established roots in more than 32 years of electrical education from a Master Electrician to Engineering, as it pertains to the National Electrical Code®. The mission of the CMECP® program is to raise the standard for Master Electricians to the highest level of competency in the industry as it pertains to navigating the National Electrical Code®.


The programs offered in the CMECP® Program are proven concepts that teach repetitive learning and aggressive and sometimes ballistic teaching approaches to learning the NEC®


Program Administrators Notice -


Electrical Code Academy, Inc., a Texas Corporation, all courses are offered by Third Party Sources and are not developed by ECA, Inc. The CMECP® Program utilizes these third-party educational programs within regulated and established partnerships designed to ensure true LMS monitoring and certification oversight.



Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP   )

The CMECP® Designation will be earned by meeting a specific set of "Pre-Certification" requirements, taking online educational courses, and passing the final exam and Interview. This certification designation program will meet the following goals


More Benefits

  • Increases your earning potential by standing out in a crowd

  • Elevates your professionalism with ongoing education

  • Provides peace of mind to consumers

  • Keeps you up-to-date with electrical codes and industry trends

  • Helps you understand industry-preferred installation practices

  • Gives you a prominent status over other non-CMECP® master electricians who are your competition

  • Allows you to stand out among other applicants when seeking employment because of our rigorous candidate process.

  • Virtual Proctored Exams - No need to leave your house

  • Access to CMECP® Perks Program - Saving you potentially thousands of dollars on things you already buy every day.

  • Hertz  CMECP® Discounts Program 

  • CMECP® Exclusive Lapel Pin 

  • 100% exclusive use of the CMECP® validation seal

  • Access to 100's FREE online educational courses


For more details on the CMECP® Designation please visit our CMECP® Portal to submit your application.


Master Electricians you can't afford NOT to become a CMECP® when you see the benefits in this program.





Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is proud to sponsor and launch the CMECP® designation Program. This new designation will help ensure that Master Electricians or Equivalent stand out as true Certified Master Electrical Code Professionals®.


  • Industries' highest 100% voluntary level of competency dedicated specifically to navigating and understanding the National Electrical Code®

  • Proof of NEC® Competency by successfully passing 4 levels of validation, unlike any other certification in the electrical industry.

  • Showing prospective employers that you are always striving to take your knowledge of electrical codes to the next level in a continual and aggressive learning incline.

  • Shows the industry and potential hiring managers that you are not the normal Master Electrician. That you take responsibility for knowing the NEC® and applying it in the field. You know HOW to find the answers and not just memorize the answers.

  • The world's only "Net Zero" Certification program where you are given many ways to reduce the cost of membership to ZERO. CMECP® members have access to discount shopping in the CMECP® Perks Portal to the exclusive "Pay You Back" referral program.


  • The only certification where the courses you take and all renewal courses count towards your state's license renewal, where applicable. That alone pays for the membership.


Do you have what it takes to be a "CMECP®"  then submit an application to join the program via the CMECP® Portal and if you meet the requirements, and pass all the tests and interviews then you also can be a CMECP®.


  • Must Be A Master Electrician or Equivalent

  • Take Required Online Course

  • Pass Final Exam with A Minimum Passing Score - 80%

  • One-On-One Interview (Online)

For more information CLICK HERE!


The CMECP® designation is a Registered Trademark of Electrical Code Academy, Inc. 


Apprentice Program

If you're a Journeyman Electrician and are studying to become a Master Electrician we have an AMAZING DEAL for you. You can enroll in the CMECP® Apprentice Program for $375.00 and gain access to the Fast Trax® Exam Prep Course for only $250.00 (Normally $499.95) and once you successfully pass your Masters Exam you will be immediately enrolled in the CMECP® Program at Step 3 with no additional costs.


If you want access to over 20 Electrical Exam Quizzes and Tests along with intensive interactive resources and also get the door opened to becoming a Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® at the same time then this is the program for you. CLICK HERE for details.

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