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Master Electrician Equivalency Program

Since the inception of the Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP®) was conceived, we have been getting bombarded by questions regarding how individuals could become CMECP® Members without having a formal Master Electricians License. We also have individuals asking us to clarify the intent of the use of the term "Or Equivalent" regarding our requirements on the CMECP® application page.


So to resolve these questions we have defined our guidelines for what is considered "equivalent" below.



1) Journeyman Electricians will not qualify until they become Master Electricians unless the state to which they are licensed lacks a Master Electrician designation. In those states where a formal Master Electrician license program doesn't exist here are the guidelines for potential admission.



   a) Eight years of practical experience in the trade and 240 hours of formal vocational training in the trade. Experience in excess of eight years may be substituted for formal vocational training at a ratio of one year of experience for 80 hours of formal training, but not to exceed 200 hours; or


   b) An associate or bachelor's degree or a certificate of completion from at least a two-year program in a tradesman-related field from an accredited (unaccredited will be considered upon detailed review) community college or technical school as evidenced by a transcript from the educational institution and two years of practical experience in the trade as a licensed journeyman electrician.



2) Electrical Professional Engineers will not qualify unless they meet the following criteria showing a major portion of their involvement in the electrical industry is based on the engineering design of electrical systems using the National Electrical Code®.



    a) A bachelor's degree or equivalent received from an accredited (unaccredited will be considered upon detailed review) college or university in an engineering curriculum related to the trade and 10 years of practical experience in the utilization and implementation of the National Electrical Code®. The 10 years will be verified by supplying no less than (3) three letters of reference from engineering establishments where the CMECP® candidate has worked directly in the design of electrical systems that utilize the National Electrical Code®.



3) States where Journeyman and Master Electrician licenses do not exist (such as Ohio) the candidate shall hold an electrical contractor's license of the "highest job-specific cost level or class" within the given state and have held that license for no less than 5 years continuously.

4) Successfully Pass the 2-Year "Codeologist" Program at - Successful students bypass all steps except the 100 Question Proctored Exam.



NOTICE: The CMECP® Program is not designed to teach a Candidate "hands-on" skills. This program is designed to encourage Master Electricians or Equivalent (as referenced above) to improve their current knowledge of the National Electrical Code® and receive recognition for achieving this noble goal. The CMECP® also agrees that on a continuous basis they will strive for the higher goal of Mastering the National Electrical Code®. This program does NOT create Master Electricians, it attempts to make them BETTER!


If you feel you have what it takes to pass all (4) levels of CMECP® Certification, meet our specific criteria to become a candidate in the CMECP® program then we encourage you to apply and become part of the growing family of CMECP® Professionals. APPLY HERE




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