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* NOTICE: NEC or National Electrical Code are Registered Trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association and are used for educational purposes only. We are not associated or affiliated with the NFPA, also known as the National Fire Protection Association. Electrical Code Academy,Inc. doesn't offer codes and standards publications or software on the NEC, NFPA70 or the National Electrical Code. Electrical Code Academy, Inc. and the CMECP™ Program provides continuing education, educational and motivational speaking, online education and consulting services on how to use, apply and interpret the National Electrical Code. The use of the phrase Master The NEC  in various videos and podcasts is directly for educational purposes only and in no way represents a relationship with the NFPA.
Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® and CMECP®  are  Federally Protected Trademark of Electrical Code Academy, Inc.
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