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Broadcast Network Partner Policy

Thank you for visiting Electrician Live Broadcast Network, a nationally syndicated portal hub for electrical related podcast and videocast programs.


Electrician LIVE Broadcast Network offers the opportunity to feature your electrical related podcast or videos on our internet based broadcast network. Our network is much like "Frank Speech" and other interweb based broadcast network platform. We are sponsored by Electrical Code Academy, Inc, a Texas based Corporation.

If selected, your show (either podcast, video, or both) will be featured on the main index page of the Electrician LIVE Broadcast Network  located at the web address Additionally, your show will have it's own specific channel, and show logo.

The cost for being on the Electrician LIVE Broadcast Network in 2021 -2022 is ZERO.


  • Submit your application below as well as the URL to your Video or Podcast.


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