Services We Offer

Paul Abernathy Notary Services offers a wide variety of texas notary mobile services
Mobile Notary & Loan Signing Services


Let us bring the notary to your door or other location of your choosing.


We are able to perform all traditional notary services and certified loan signings in the luxury of your own home or the neighborhood Starbucks if you choose.






Oaths or Affirmations


Depending on the situation you may have a need for an appointed Texas Notary to perform a Verbal or Written Oath or Affirmation. We can provide those services for you as needed.







Certified Copies

​If you are in need of a Certified Copy of an original document (excluding Birth Certificates, Deeds, Divorce or Marriage Licenses) then we have the service for you.


We can make or witness the making of a copy of an original document for Certification. We can make the copies in  our office or at the local printing shop like Kinko's or FedEx.


Witness Swearing

If you have the need for a witness to be sworn in then we have the service for you. Traditionally when a deposition is needed an attorney turns for Notary Public's to do the swearing in of the witness. We can provide those services at a moments notice.


​A Protestis a written statement issued by a Notary Public that a specified bill or note was presented for payment or acceptance and such payment or acceptance was refused.


Out role as the Notary is to attest that the refuser shall be held liable for any losses arising from the dishonro of the document.