Electrical Inspections

Before we talk about our Services we need to talk about the LAWS in TEXAS...........And why you are at RISK if you are building a home located in unincorporated areas, rural counties and any location outside of a municipal jurisdiction.


It will only take one (1) call to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations [TDLR] to find out that the 2017 National Electrical Code® [NEC®] is the statewide minimum safety code for electrical installations. However, they will also inform you that they can't enforce any requirement within counties demanding Electrical Inspections. In Fact, they can only investigate violations of gross electrical neglect when someone files a formal complaint to the TDLR.


Even with no required inspections, the electrical contractor is REQUIRED to comply with the latest adopted [2017] edition of the National Electrical Code or face up to $5,000 per day fine and revocation or suspention of  the electricians license(s) if reported and violations to the National Electrical Code are found. Here is a LINK to the TDLR Enforcement Website. Notice bullet item #2 under Class C offense.


Most Importantly - There are no "licensing" requirements in the state of Texas for Electrical Inspectors. This should concern you because while local cities do require electrical inspections; they are not required to ensure the person they hire is a proven, licensed, electrical inspector. So how about the rural areas of TEXAS?  There are no requirements for electrical inspections or permits on residential homes being built in the various counties in the State of Texas.


Why is this UNSAFE? - Without electrical inspections on ANY property the electrician is free to use substandard equipment, rejected equipment from jobs where electrical inspections are required and the equipment failed, no enforcement of the use in the latest technology like Arc-Fault Circuit Interupters or Ground-Fault Circuit Interupters in critical areas of your home. Also when no one is "WATCHING" many corners could be cut to save the bottom line profits to the you want to risk  the safety of your family and dream home because someone wanted to "cut corners" at your expense?


Does this mean that Texas Electrical Inspections believes that all Master Electricians and Electrical Contractors are out to do substandard work. No, in fact we know plenty of great electricians. Having a license doen't mean the work they perform is always compliant; sometimes we have to educate others along the way and the GREAT electricians appreciate the efforts we bring to the electrical industry.


Our Electrical Inspections will find the defects and violations that could make your future dream home unsafe and rest assured that we will demand all code violations be fixed and if they don't agree to fix them, we will help you get a resolution by going to TDLR on your behalf and if needed serve as an "Expert Witness" in court where applicable in order to protect you and your investment.


We have been doing this for over 28 years and no one knows electrical inspections like we do.....NO ONE !