In today’s electronic world, your home’s electrical, phone and cable systems are incomplete unless they incorporate surge protection. Since many devices in the home are microelectronic based, it is not practical to solely rely on surge protected plug strips. Appliances, heating and cooling systems, garage door openers and even energy-saving light bulbs (lamps) are examples of equipment that can’t be surge protected by plug strips. The cost to repair or replace these items far exceeds the cost of a total home surge protection solution. However, the best line of defense to surges and internal damage is having multiple strategies.

To effectively surge protect ALL of your home’s equipment, The Surge Pro™ team offers a wide family of surge protective devices, from whole house to point of use SPD's (Surge Protective Devices) from many manufacturers. They stop surges right at your incoming services before they can travel down the power, cable and telephone lines damaging your equipment. We also offer a full line of Smart Home Devices to control lighting, receptacles and other appliances. Lastly, we have Licensed Electrical Contractors (TECL-33932) Licensed and Insured as Master Electricians at Abernathy Electrical Services in McKinney, TX.

Coming to the 2020 National Electrical Code® - Type 1 or Type 2 Surge Protection Devices will be "REQUIRED" on all One and Two Family Dwellings. It will also be required for all remodels and retrofits for electrical panel upgrades. Fact is EVERYONE and EVERY HOUSE needs Type 1 or 2 Surge Protection and we are the EXPERTS on Surge Protection. In Fact, our founder is a member of the National Electrical Code® Making Panels 5 and 17.

Whole House
Surge Protection

Every electronic device in your home is subject to power surges and electrical system spikes from lightning and/or the texas power grid. Keeping those spikes and surges out is our specialty. Contact us for a FREE whole-house assessment.

Point Of Use
Surge Protection

While the Whole-House Surge Protection is one line of defense when you have high-end TV's, Appliances and other costly devices in your home it is critical to have a 2-tier approach to protection. We offer the BEST  in Point Of Use Protection.

Smart Home
Switches & Devices

We can take your "normal" home and turn it into a "Smart" home on a budget. We can add WIFI smart switches, WIFI smart alarms, WIFI smart receptacles and even WIFI HVAC systems to your home. We can even add Ring® devices, such as flood camera's and video doorbell systems. We can "integrate" your existing home.

If you have minor electrical repair needs we got you covered. We are also Abernathy Electrical Services, a licensed electrical contractor located in McKinney, TX. We can fix switches, hang lights, repair breakers, etc. We are Licensed and Insured.

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